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Space Station 3D (2002)  link to Space Station 3D on IMDb  

Nummer: 130

cover Space Station 3D

IMDb waardering:
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7,5/10 (1369 stemmen)

Land: Canada, 47 minuten

Gesproken Taal: Engels

Genre(s): Documentaire

Regisseur(s): Toni Myers

Acteurs: Tom Cruise (stem van Narrator), Chris Hadfield (als Himself), Michael J. Bloomfield (als Himself, Pilot, STS-97), Robert D. Cabana (als Himself, Commander, STS-88), Leroy Chiao (als Himself)

Drager: Digitale kopie,

Verhaal: The first 3D live-action film to be shot in space. Using advanced 3D-technology, the film depicts the greatest engineering happening since a man landed on the Moon in 1969. Amongst these is the on-orbit assembly of the International Space Station as it travels 220 miles above the Earth at the speed of 17,500 mph. The film also has included sequences that portray the force of a rocket launch, as well as a look into the depths of space. You will experience life in zero gravity, and accompany the astronauts on a space walk. The film was an immense success in theaters in 2002, and is the highest grossing film ever not release in more than 100 theaters at the same time.

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